Starlite Flexi Leather Ballet Shoes, Split Sole

Code: 11SFLE


• These lightweight and flexible split sole ballet shoes are made from soft graded leather, providing optimal comfort and flexibility for dancers. The shoes also features an elasticated insert, allowing for a snug and secure fit on the foot. The suede sole patches on the bottom of the shoe provide just the right amount of grip and control on dance floors.

• One convenient aspect of these ballet shoes is the pre-sewn criss-cross elastics. This means that the elastics, which are essential for keeping the shoe securely in place on the foot, are already stitched onto the shoe. This saves dancers the time and effort of having to sew on the elastics themselves.

• Additionally, the ballet shoes are equipped with elastic drawstrings. These drawstrings allow dancers to adjust the tightness of the shoe around the foot, ensuring a customized fit for each individual. The elastic drawstrings also help keep the shoe securely in place during intense dance movements.

• Overall, the lightweight, flexible, and well-designed features of these ballet shoes make them an excellent choice for dancers of all levels. Lightweight and flexible split sole ballet shoe manufactured from soft graded leather with an elasticated insert and suede sole patches. Pre-sewn criss-cross elastics. The shoes have elastic drawstrings.

• Soft graded leather upper

• Elasticated side inserts

• Textile lining

• Suede sole

• Childrens sizes : UK 9 Small to 5½ Large. Including sizes from 1½ Large

• Adult sizes : UK 6 Large to 10 Large, Including ½ sizes

• Vat starts from UK size 6.

• These ballet shoes tend to have a snug fit. We recommend you order one size up.

• Colours : Black, Ballet Pink

Size Chart

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