So Danca® SD16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe, Split Sole (B & C Fittings)

Code: 11DSD16

BCB PCB White Canvas So Danca® SD16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe, Split Sole (B & C Fittings)

• The So Danca SD16 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe is a well-designed and popular choice among ballet dancers. It offers a number of features that make it a versatile and comfortable option for dancers of all levels.

• One of the standout features of the SD16 is its stretch canvas construction. This material allows for a snug and secure fit while still providing the necessary flexibility and movement required for ballet. The stretch canvas also gives the shoe a sleek and streamlined appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

• Another key feature of the SD16 is its split sole design. This design allows for a greater range of motion and articulation in the foot, enabling dancers to execute their movements with precision and control. The split sole also helps to accentuate the arch of the foot, creating a visually pleasing line.

• The SD16 model features pre-sewn elastic straps that secure the shoe to the foot, eliminating the need for separate ribbon ties. This makes the shoe easy to put on and take off, and ensures a secure fit during dance performances.

• Child sizes : 8 Small to 5½ Large, including ½ sizes

• Adult sizes : 6 Large to 11½ Large including ½ sizes

• Fittings : (B Medium), (C Wide),

• (D Fitting is also available on a separate line in different colours & sizes)

• VAT starts at UK size 6.

• Colours : Black, Pink, Sand, White

Size Chart

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