BLOCH® 234 Stretch Satin Ballet Shoe, Full Sole

Code: 10BL234


• The Bloch 234 Stretch Satin Ballet Shoe is a high-quality ballet shoe designed for dancers of all levels. It features a full sole, meaning it provides support and stability to the entire foot.

• The shoe is made of stretch satin material, which allows for a comfortable and snug fit. The satin fabric is known for its softness and flexibility, providing the dancer with optimal feel and control during movements.

• The Bloch 234 Stretch Satin Ballet Shoe has a pre-sewn elastic strap, making it easy to slip on and off. The elastic strap also keeps the shoe securely in place during intense dance routines.

• With its full sole construction, the shoe offers excellent arch support, promoting proper foot alignment and preventing fatigue. It enhances the dancer's ability to execute movements with precision and grace.

• Fabric insock

• Pre sewn instep elastics

• Child sizes : 10 Small to 5½ Large, including ½ sizes

• Adult sizes : 6 Large to 8 Large including ½ sizes

• (B = Narrow Fit), (C = Medium Fit)

• Vat starts from UK size 6.

• Traditionally ballet shoes are manufactured one size smaller than your street shoe size

• Example : For street shoe Size 4 - please order ballet shoe size 5

• Colour : Pink

Size Chart

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