Grishko 0512 2007 Exam Demi Pointe Shoe

Code: 13GRI2007DP

Pink Satin
  • Hand crafted in Moscow by expert artisans.

  • The Grishko 2007 Demi Pointe/soft block shoes are made especially for the beginner. We strongly recommend them for use in preparation for Pointe work. They will strengthen the foot and ankles and get the foot used to working in the confined space of a Pointe shoe. It also makes the fitting of an actual Pointe shoe much easier.

  • These shoes have a V-shaped medium vamp, and 1/2 box which provide no pressure on the forefoot. The medium toe platform provides perfect balance and placement. The shoe is all handmade and fits standard feet. They are made of pale salmon satin with a glued smooth leather sole.

  • Satin : Upper

  • Textile : Lining
  • Leather : Sole

  • Sizes : UK 3 Large to 7.5 Large, including half sizes. (4 Width fittings) , X = Extra Narrow, XX = Narrow, XXX = Medium, XXXX = Wide

  • A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend professional fitting. Our shop staff have been trained by Grishko.

  • Colour : Pink

  • Ribbons not included, they can be purchased separately.

Size Chart

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