Gaynor Minden Extra Length Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Code: 16GMSAR101

Gayner Minden Extra Lengh Pointe Shoe Ribbon

• Gaynor Minden Extra Length Pointe Shoe Ribbon

• Are your pre-cut Pointe shoe ribbons never long enough? Then it's time to switch to Gaynor Minden's. Needing a longer length ribbon is a common request by pointe shoe wearers. At 2.3 metres long, that little extra length makes all the difference, to being able to easily tie your ribbons and secure them where you want them.

• Soft, double-faced finish

• Ample, longer-length 2.3m. Enough for 1x pair of pointe shoes

• 2.3 Metres long, 2.2cm wide

• Colour : Pink

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