BLOCH® 675 Foot Thong 111

Code: 15BL675

Pink Leather

• Ladies suede leather forefoot pad with extra instep elastic for security. Boasts an over foot elastic strap and protects the skin on the ball of the foot from abrasion. Suitable for contemporary, jazz and lyrical styles.

• Foot thong acts as a second skin, sitting comfortably and almost invisibly against the foot

• Full suede leather pad for reduced friction when turning

• Over foot elastic strap to keep suede pad securely in place

• Outer reinforcement of suede pad

• Sizes : Small (4 to 5), Medium (6 to 7), Large (8 to 9), Extra Large (9.5 to 10.5)

• VAT starts at the Large size.

• Colour : Base Pink

Size Chart

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