Starline Comet/Starlet/Skinni Ball & Tip


• Starline Comet/Starlet/Skinni Ball & Tip

• The larger rubber end of a twirling baton is called the ball. The smaller end is called the tip. It's a great idea to keep a replacement ball & tip set on hand to extend the life of your twirling baton and to give it a fresh, new look!

• 1 set of replacement ends to fit Star Line's Starlet, Comet, or Skinni Star Twirling Baton

• The uniquely designed ball & tip are engineered to specifically fit the Starlet, Comet, or Skinni Star batons; will fit those batons with standard 3/8" shaft, thicker 7/16" shaft, or thinner 5/16" shaft diameters.

• Sleek and simple styling

• Many twirlers have an extra ball & tip set to use for performances and competitions. No need to constantly clean your practice set.

• Manufactured by Star Line, an American company in business since 1959 and the established and respected leader of baton products. Many competitors and champions worldwide choose Star Line.

• Vatable

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