Starlite Two Stripe Stirrup Leg Warmers 38 cm (15")

Code: SL2S40

black cerise black grey black delph black flo yellow black flopink black red black royal turq black black flo green black pale pink black flo orange delph cerise pink white black white
  • Two stripe stirrup legwarmers in a wide variety of complementary colours by Starlite.

  • Fabric : 100% Acrylic

  • Size : 40 cm (15")

  • Colours : Pink / White, Black / White, Black / Turquoise, Black / Grey, Black / Cerise, Black / Flo Green, Black / Flo Orange, Black / Flo Pink, Black / Flo Yellow, Black / Pale Pink, Black / Red, Black / Royal, Delphinium / Cerise, Black / Delphinium

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