Starlite PU Backflip Easytape fastening, Low Heel

Code: 30SBACBK

Black Leather - Copy White


Due to the Covid pandemic the manufactures who make our Starlite brand shoes have had to close for periods of time which has severely disrupted production. This is leading to some sizes going out of stock. More stock is on its way but is not expected to arrive before mid September

• PU Upper Tap Shoe, one bar strap with Easytape fastening.

• Man made

• Resin Sole

• Synthetic Lining

  • Sizes : UK 7 Small to 6 Large (No Half Sizes)

  • Colours : Black, White

• Hook-and-loop fasteners, such as the Velcro style brand fasteners, are a breeze to use but can be difficult to keep clean. Clothing fluff, pet hair and other lint can get embedded in the hook side of the closure, diminishing its ability to close. By removing surface fuzz, picking out embedded lint and performing hook-and-loop fastener maintenance, you can keep your closures clean and working well. Roll the hook-and-loop fastener with a lint roller. To remove surface debris, use a lint roller that you’d normally use on your clothes to roll the fastener. Lay the fastener flat, and hold at one end, rolling over it a few times with the lint brush. Refresh to a new sticky “sheet” of the lint roller as necessary.

Size Chart

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